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Designing on a Budget

Designing on a Budget

Nowadays, more than ever this is easier, thanks to social media. It has become the online selling platform of choice. There is a constant buzz of trade going on, and so many great opportunities available if you can just have  some sort of imagination. Now I understand this is hard for some people hence why I am writing this blog post.

Step 1: Establish your why? Why are you completing this project? Is your space dated, dull, lifeless or just does not have a design in general and is in need of a more finished look.

Step 2: What is your budget?

Step 3: Ideally what look would you like to create, what changes would you like to make, step 1 should help with this!

Step 4: What is your timescale, why is this important you ask, well the more time you have the more options there are.

Step 5: Do your research on your local area, what resources are out there for sourcing eg, second hand shops, salvage yards, events happening, care boots etc.

Step 6: What items would you like to keep bearing in mind Step 3, but not limiting your choices to the way the product currently looks, ask yourself? does it function well, is it the right size, do you have the space for it. I say this as things can be altered within reason.


These are the first steps in considering if designing your space this way is going to be an option for you. Most importantly “YOU MUST BE OPEN MINDED” and open to innovative ideas, some hard graft and some thinking outside the box to achieve an eclectic look, that does not scream “Straight off the high street”.


Now let’s say this is the way you want to move forward, after following the steps above, take picture of the items you want to keep that you can work with. Create a mood board using paint or photoshop, add all the various options as you go along to help you build up a story.

Lets look at some great sites and places to source products and finishes for low budgets.Lets look at tips and tricks also, to help motivate you! Check out my upcycling project for my dresser, I am over the moon with it and it was a steal!

I paid £15 for the dresser itself and spend under 25 on materials at a guess. Here’s the results!

Firstly Facebook market place is a treasure trove of amazing pieces full or potential!Check for updates daily, that is where I got my schreiber dresser above!

Many of you are thinking, well I bet that is hard work and takes time, I don’t have the time. Stop and think, your saying you do not have the budget to buy all new or maybe you do not like that look, then just get over it, this is what you need to do to get the space you want. It will all be worth it in the end and a much bigger sense of achievement.

Check out these sites for sourcing products to work with!





There are also sites like preloved, sphock,ebay, etsy, these are just a few, there are so many thing you can do to be clever in design and so much help out there, with some great you tube channels to show you how!Which reminds me I need to update mine!

Get tips and ideas from sites like this: https://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/clean-and-organize/25-ways-to-upcycle-your-old-stuff-pictures



Also take a look at pinterest for inspiration, it has so many ideas, like the images throughout my blog post! Mail me through any of my socails me or email, if you have a piece but are stuck on ideas for how it could work with your scheme!


You can complete projects that are part of a scheme or one off!



When you complete this project, I think you will love your very personal one-off space and all your hard work will seem a distant memory, just persist! Remember it pays!

I hope you all feel inspired by this weeks blog post!

If you want a bespoke look, but do not have the time to achieve this, get in touch!

I can give you ideas or even design your space for you!

Happy Upcycling

Danielle XOXO

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